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Deaf Ministry


God has given the church the task of proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people in all the nations.

Through the ministry of Mike and Glenda Coupe, Radiant Relief can reach not only the English-speaking Dominican people but also the deaf on the island of Puerto Rico.  In 2018, Mike began to seek God’s will for where he should live and minister.  Once again, God brought to his mind his first mission trip and the need for someone with a heart for those that cannot hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.  As with any genuine Christian ministry, the Deaf Ministries exists for one purpose: To communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ with deaf people effectively.

Deafness is more than just a loss of hearing. Deaf people belong to a distinct cultural group with unique customs and ways of communicating.  English is often a second language to deaf people who communicate through sign language. Many in the deaf community may find it difficult to read a printed Bible or Sunday school lesson. Deaf people want, and need, the Bible and other Christian teaching aids in their first language. They need ministers and teachers who understand their language and culture.

Mike and Glenda have partnered with CSCD, a deaf Christian school in Luquillo, Puerto Rico.  Through an already established deaf family night, a weekly Bible study has begun.  As relationships are built and trust is gained, the Coupes plan to start a deaf church on the island of Puerto Rico.  Here the deaf community will not just have a church to attend but will have a church that meets their unique needs and allows them a place to serve and grow.

A single goal drives Radiant Relief; to do our part in sharing the love of Christ to this world. Our decision-making process is guided by the principles found in God’s word and demonstrated in our service of other people’s needs. We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact in all our ministries.